Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cards for Everyone with LeeAnn

Greetings crafty friends. Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend. LeeAnn here to host the blog today.

As I sat looking through my paper, I was trying to come up with a different idea and thought... why not a post card anyone can make. I also made a video to go along with it.  So, let's get on with my project...

  • Using the Adventure Awaits paper page 105, I trimmed down the map image that I wanted to use for my top layer to 3.75in x 4.75in.
  • Turning to the backside of the same page I trimmed a layer of 4in x 5in.
  • Lastly, I trimmed a sheet of 110lb card stock in white to 4.25in x 5.25in.
  • I used double side tear tape to adhere my layers together.
  • Following this step, I grabbed a retired stamp set and my Stampoholic
  • Using the Sunset Powderpuff Ink I stamped the airplane.
  • I followed that up with grabbing my Royal Blue Powderpuff Ink and a fantastix and colored the plane in.
After I finished the video and all the editing, I remembered a HoneyBee stamp set that I had in my stash, and used two of the stamps on the back, again with the Royal Blue Powderpuff Ink.

Once I had a stamp, write out the card and address it, it is ready to go. Quick and simple that anyone can make. And a little less to mail than a regular card.

Here is my process video:

Quick Quotes Supplies:
Adventure Awaits Paper Pack 
2017 Royal Blue PowderPuff Ink
2015 Sunset PowderPuff Ink

I hope you have enjoyed this post, please don't forget about our monthly challenge (The April theme is flowers) you still have time to enter.

Come back and visit again real soon!

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