Saturday, September 3, 2011

What's new at the QQ blog... (Trendy Tuesdays)


We are very excited about a new addition to the blog that is beginning in just a few days. We are introducing you to TRENDY TUESDAYS!!! Each Tuesday we will be bringing you a new trend, technique, tip, etc., complete with color photos and step-by-step directions!!!

We want to hear from you:
*What current trends have you excited?
*Is there a technique you've been wanting to try but just don't know how to start?
*What types of things do you want to see us demo?

Leave us a comment and let us know what you want to see. =)
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Anniebee said...

Oh, my gosh! There are so many trends and techniques that I have yet to try that almost anything would be wonderful. I especially enjoy cardmaking and would love to see some of the fancy folds created with QQ products! Now THAT would really blow my skirt up, so to speak (even though you'll never catch me in a skirt!) LOL!
Keep up the great work, ladies! You rock! Have a lovely long weekend too.


Unknown said...

I just wanted to let you know I started a blog and dont know much about blogging yet but I did put your blinkie on my page. I am so looking forward the the York Private Reserve.

Anonymous said...

I would also enjoy some card tutorials with fancier folds, always nice to expand :)