Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays - Rolled Flowers

Rolled Flowers

Are you looking for ways to create your own embellishments? Today's rolled flower tutorial can be used on cards, altered projects, and layouts. Just change the size of your starting circle to accommodate your specific project.
Brought to you by: Lisa Giesbrecht

Today's tutorial is going to teach you how to create rolled flower embellishments. This is a fun & easy way to jazz up a layout, card or even to create an entire bouquet.

ITEMS needed:
2 1/2" circles cut out of double-sided pattern paper
Quick Quotes Powderpuff chalking ink
A strong adhesive like Beacon's 3 in 1
Corsage pins (if making a bouquet)
2 foam balls (if making a bouquet)
wooden dowel (if making a bouquet)
pot, cup or base for the bottom (if making a bouquet)

STEP #1:
Cut out 2 1/2" circles from patterned paper. Then use scissors to cut in a spiral pattern towards the center.

STEP #2:
Ink the edges of your cuts so this way the layers will pop once you roll it. Then starting at the outside, roll the paper trying to keep the bottom portion level/flat & tight. The top can expand more since this will be the opening of your flower.
Once it is rolled all the way to the center add liquid glue to the bottom, poke a corsage pin in the middle & hold until it dries. (you only need the pin if you are making a bouquet, otherwise just add glue - you can always add a piece of bling to the very middle later.)

STEP #3:
Repeat Steps 1 & 2 multiple times (if making a bouquet). Otherwise, repeat as necessary (maybe 3-5 for a layout, etc.)
STEP #4:
To make a bouquet: Glue one foam ball into your base, then connect your two foam balls using the wooden dowel. Add the flowers to the top foam ball until full. Wrap ribbon around the dowel and layer/fold ribbon over the bottom foam ball until hidden (glue into place).

Completed Project
'Live, Laugh, Love' Bouquet
This project was voted photo of the week at Scrapbooks Etc. in May 2011.
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