Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays - frosted embellishments 4 ways

QQ Frosted Embellishments 4 ways
(stamp & mask, 3D textured imprints,
glimmer glam & misting, alcohol inks)


Recently, the owner at my local scrapbook store (Scrapbook Centrale) gave me a couple of Quick Quotes Frosted Embellishments and asked me to make a couple of tags to be displayed near the product in the store. She felt that customers weren't seeing the real potential in these items, and I had to agree with her, so I took up the challenge and here are the results. Here is what they look like in the package:

They are hard to photograph so here is how they are displayed online in the store.
These are intended as one-use embellishments - you stick it to your project and away you go. Well, I'm going to show you multiple ways to use these. I used the 1 dragonfly I received 3 times, because that's how I roll. They are made out of a frosted plastic material similar to what you see in many masks, so you can see where this is going...

Using it as a stamp & mask
Start by removing the gems so the shape is easier to clean afterward. I placed the dragonfly shape on my misting mat, sprayed it generously with Glimmer Mist, then flipped it over on to the white tag, using it as a stamp. I did not lift the shape - because the next thing I did, was proceed to use it as a mask, and glimmer misted the entire tag in purple mists. I lifted the mask, and allowed the tag to dry (then I washed the dragonfly embellishment, to get it ready for the next tag).

You can see in this image I added a little clear crackle paint to parts of the tag, for texture. I coated the completed tag in Chandelier Glimmer Glam (a girl can never have too much Glam, right?). I tried to catch it in the light so you could see how much it shimmers.

Supplies (stamped tag): frosted dragonfly - Quick Quotes CS - Bazzill glimmer mist, glimmer glam - Tattered Angels clear crackle paint - Ranger other - organza ribbon

3D textured imprints (with gesso)
On to the next tag. I'll be honest, this one is my favorite of the bunch, and I could have stopped there (but I didn't). I started by painting the cardstock with regular gesso, and heat dried it. Then I placed the dragonfly as a mask, and used a palette knife to layer impasto gesso over top. I pulled up the dragonfly and cleaned it well (if you let the gesso dry on the mask, you will likely never get it off).This is something you'll have to let dry overnight, but it's worth it. When it was about half dry (dry to the touch, but you could tell the underneath layers weren't dry), I mashed a couple of rubber stamps into it, to create texture.
The next day, when it was completely dry, I misted it generously with 2 colours of glimmer mist (colours: Dragonfly & Gumdrop).
When the mist was dry, I added Glimmer Glam to the dragonfly impression.I love how this looks in the sunlight!Supplies (mask with gesso): frosted dragonfly - Quick Quotes CS - Bazzill gesso, impasto gesso - Liquitex glimmer mist, glimmer glam - Tattered Angels other - random rubber stamps

Glimmer glam & misting
Here's the next one - this time I used the embellishment as an actual embellishment.
For this tag I misted the cardstock with glimmer mist, and stamped with Tattered Angels texture stamps. Then I painted Glimmer Glam (in 2 colours) onto the frosted dragonfly embellishment. Now, if I had taken my time and been neat about it, there wouldn't be dried bubbles of glam. But I like that look, so I just heaped it on.
I love the way the glimmer pools in the texture. I adhered the dragonfly to the tag with clear adhesive foam to give it a little lift, and then re-attached the gems with glue dots. Supplies (Dragonfly tag): frosted dragonfly - Quick Quotes CS - Bazzill glimmer mist, glimmer glam, stamps - Tattered Angels stamping ink - StazOn baker's twine - Pink Paislee I said 3 ways, right? Well, I lied. It's 3 + 1. Since this is a different embellishment, I'm not counting it in my original tally. So there.

Alcohol Inks
One of the easiest ways to customize the frosted embellishments is with alcohol ink (I used 3 shades of alcohol ink, plus a bronze mixative).
The gems started out clear on this flourish. I coloured them with a Copic marker to give them a warmer tone, coordinating better with the other colours on the tag. I attached the flourish with tiny staples.
Supplies (kraft tag): frosted flourish - Quick Quotes CS - Bazzill alcohol ink, distress ink - Ranger stamps, staples - Tim Holtz marker - Copic glimmer mist - Tattered Angels stamping ink - StazOn other - twine

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Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the Frosted Dragonfly, I think the glimmer mist/glam are my favorite. I also really like the look of the alcohol ink. Great job and thanks for sharing these great techniques.
Michelle ~DT

Adora Concepcion said...

wow!!! thanks for sharing with us all these wonderful techniques!!! i love them all but #2 is my favorite! :)

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

JJ, these are wonderful techniques, thank you so much for sharing them! Gorgeous tags and very cool tips!!!

Quick Quotes said...

I am going to pick up some 'gesso' next time I go to my local craft store. These are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

**Treefrog** said...

Wow JJ these are some great techniques! I may just have to try some of these this weekend! Thanks for sharing!
((Hugs)) Theresa

Julie said...

WOW!!! Your work is stunning. I bookmarked this to try all the fabulous techniques you shared with us! THanks so much