Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays - Distressing 101

'Distressing 101'

Welcome to our first edition of 'Trendy Tuesdays.' Each Tuesday we will be bringing you a new trend, tip, technique, tutorial, etc. We will include color photos & step-by-step directions. We hope you enjoy this new blog feature! Each of these ideas will be kept in an archive and will be updated under the 'Tutorials' tab at the top of the screen for easy reference!

Today's topic: Distressing 101
We want to show you a few quick & easy distressing tips that you can start using today on your next project. Today's tips involve tearing, inking & using a little sandpaper on a variety of mediums. (these are oldies but goodies)

Inking is the fastest way to change the look of your layout. Quick Quotes exclusive powderpuff chalking inks are 50% chalk and 50% ink so they glide onto your papers in a completely different way than a traditional ink pad. Compare the paper pieces at the top of this photo without ink, with the ones at the bottom that are inked. Using chalking inks to distress your papers makes a big impact in a short amount of time.

How to use the chalking inks: (no application tools necessary) Step 1: hold the ink pad in your dominant hand with the pointed tips facing downward. Step 2: angle the ink pad toward your paper and use nice smooth motions. TIP: The angle you use determines how much or how little ink goes onto your paper. Experiment and you'll soon find your unique style :)

Quick Quotes uses cardstock quality paper for all of their paper lines. Their papers all have a white core in the middle :) This is the perfect paper for tearing. TIP: if you tear 'towards' yourself you will see the white core. If you tear 'away' from yourself you will just see the patterned paper.

This white core is perfect to ink on as well.

The same tearing/inking steps can be used with vellum. Step 1: Tear the vellum towards yourself. Step 2: Ink the edges of the vellum. Step 3: wrap the left and right edge around the back of a tag to hide the glue :) (HINT: I only tear my top & bottom, and I leave my left and right edges as long as possible - don't trim. This way you have room to wrap it.)
TIP: When working with vellum you have to be creative about how to attach it since glue shows through. A few ideas: *wrap the vellum around the back of a tag or side of paper and adhere to the back. *use brads to hold it in place. *use a glue dot, then hide the glue dot with an embellishment like a piece of bling or flower.

You can use sandpaper in a few different ways. The first way is to emboss your paper or cardstock that has a white core, then lightly drag your sandpaper over the top to reveal the pattern.

Another way to use sandpaper is to simply sand the edges of your paper. It works with any papers that have a white core and gives a distinct look.

(*coming later this month - ribbon dying/crinkle tutorial, rolled flowers & much more!)

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Anonymous said...

Great distressing techniques! I love using the chalk inks to change the look of my page.

Michelle ~~DT

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Distressing can really make the difference in how a project "pops"! I love the PowderPuff Chalk Inks for it!!!

Nice review of distressing Lisa!

~ Rhonda - DT

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips going to try it. I love my Powder Puf Chalk Inks.

Crafty Melinda said...

Great tips Lisa! I love to distress with my Powder Puff chalk inks! I love how they can take a plain piece of paper and add tons of dimension. Thank you so much for the wonderful tips!

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