Wednesday, September 21, 2011

POLL: To journal or not to journal? (quotes giveaway)

Did you know that Quick Quotes started off as a vellum quote company?

Owner, Patsy Gaut saw a need to help scrappers find a way to add Titles & Journaling to their pages, and thus, Quick Quotes was formed. So many times we are at a loss for what to say and she has helped us to fill in that gap. Since their start up, they have transformed into a multi-faceted scrapbooking company creating their own papers, embellishments, and quotes too!
It's another fabulous Wednesday and we want to hear from you!
  • Make sure you have clicked on 'join this site' in the right-hand colum.
  • How do you make your titles for your pages/cards?
  • Do you like to journal? Why/why not?
  • If there were prepared phrases would you be more likely to include them on your cards & layouts?
  • (please leave your full name in your comment) :)
One lucky comment will be chosen to receive an assortment of vellum quotes. This prize includes an 'Itty Bitty Box' of 50 ready to use travel quotes + some of the latest color vellum quotes (one sample is shown above). (PS - did you know that QQ now has quotes in Spanish too?)

Comments may be left up through Thursday 9/22 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Winner will be announced on Friday 9/23.

(*QQ Prize Disclaimer: prize contest open to US residents only. If you live outside the US and want to play, you would be responsible for any shipping costs for prizes won.)

PS - TODAY is your last chance to enter the
Back-To-School Friday Challenge 9/9-9/21.
Click here! New challenge begins this Friday.

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Marcia Dehn-Nix said...

I usually make my titles with my Cricut, but I am not a big journaler. I am sometimes scrapbooking photos from years ago and am at a loss for words. I love using quotes on my layouts. I have used Quick Quotes on so many of my layouts.

Lucy said...

I usually use stickers for my titles or my Quick Quotes. I also use my Quick Quotes for journalling since I really don't like to journal. Yes, I use alot of prepared phrases and always will :) Lucy,

Jessica Buffa said...

I am having trouble finding the Join This Site button, so I am following by email!
I really enjoy making my titles "punny" whenever possible. I have used Cricut cuts, chipboard letters, stickers, tags, you name it.
I love to journal and think it is really important on your projects so that the individual's memory of that particular moment isn't just left for future generations to guess what was going on!
Prepared phrases are GREAT when you are at a loss for words!!!

Kelly Massman said...

I don't like to journal a lot! I think I probably would add pre-mades if they fit the page! Thanks! I have you in my feed reader, but I, too, don't see the join button...

littlen said...

i don't like to journal. it's just not my thing. i use my cricut or stickers to make titles for my lo's. for cards i use stamps or rubons.

Suzanne said...

Titles are easy for me but I have trouble with journaling. I like using prepared things as starting off points.

Submissive Annie said...

I use just about anything as a title, from cricut cuts or Quick Quotes, to hand painted titles. I like to journal under a couple of conditions. 1. I can actually remember what happened, or 2. I want to change (just slightly) the way my kids will look back on the pages and remember them cause they were important. Maybe not to them at the time, but to me, and to them in the future. But I usually use pockets or flaps to journal on so my ugly handwriting won't be visible. LOL! I really love adding quotes to my pages in addition to the journal cause I think they set the mood for my page!
LeeAnn Mell

Sandra Strait said...

I love puns, and one I can use for a title usually come to me.
Well, I art journal. Writing in a journal is more problematic.
Yes. If there prepared phrases. Otherwise, I'm not likely to use them at all.

Sandra Strait

jengd said...

I tend to either stamp, sticker or rub-on individual letters to make my titles and I always journal. I have 2 LOs that I didn't- one my husband noticed and thought was odd, the other I have a journaling block and haven't filled it out. I'm kicking myself because the details of the event are fading from my mind. I pretty much only scrap events so the journaling is important. I've used pre-printed comments/words/quotes a few times but frequently, there's just no room- my 2pg layouts frequently have 10-15 pix on them.

Judy said...

I am already a follower:-) I almost always use my Cricut to make Titles unless I have the perfect printed one. I have been journaling less to try to save time. I see people looking through my albums, not reading what I wrote, but far into the future, I feel they would want descriptions about the pictures so I will always try to do some:-) I have definitely at times used QQ as a journal title.

Quick Quotes said...

@Jessica & Kelly - that is so strange that the 'join this site' button is missing for you. If anyone has suggestions please let us know! :)

The only thing I can think of is that it may be an internet browser issue. I have tried it with Safari, IE 8 and IE 9 and it shows up for me with all of those. Hmmm... hopefully we can find a fix.

Here's the link that you are taken to once you click on 'join this site.' You could try to copy/paste this into a browser to sign up :)

Guches said...

I do not journal very much because i don't like my handwriting but I love to use quotes or I will use my Cricut for titles and word.
Rene Guches 0

Marla said...

To make my Titles on my layouts I either use Thickers, letter stickers or die cut words from my Silhouette machine. I never used to like journaling until I watched a video about someone whose mother died when she was a baby and she has no childhood memories because there was no photos with writing about them. I now try really hard to journal something other than the date and ages of my children but tell a story of what happened in the photos or something I want to remember about that time or how I felt when it was happening. I would love to see some fun quotes about life in general.

Unknown said...

I love to journal on my pages, but I tend to hide it in tags behind photos that can be pulled out. Because I hate my writing!!
Kacee Mcvic

Anonymous said...

Honestly I have never been a fan of journaling. I like the titles or quotes and letting that along with the photos tell the story. Diana R

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

I journal using a tag and hand calligraphy my journal info.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

JJ Sobey said...

I use stickers & thickers for my titles. I prefer to use my own instead of pre-printed, as I usually have titles that are not necessarily typical. I do journal - I think it's important, even if it's just the name/place/date. A couple of words put things in perspective.

(PS - no need to enter me in the draw, I was just reading the blog and thought I would put in my 2 cents)

Liz said...

I don't need to be in drawing I am happy to see u back to YOUR roots this was one of the things that sticks out at the expo amd also when vellum was hot hot. Glad to see this

Also as a suggestion since when asked I try to give it

Perhaps doing challenge where the roots r with leeting bloggers use some of qq quotes. Just a thought

Amy E said...

I use my Cricut for almost all my titles. I love to journal and to write, but I like the finished look of using a computer font. Because of that and having to get everything to fit right in the space, I rarely get it done, and some of my scrap pages lay unfinished! I would use pre-printed quotes like crazy if I had the right ones!

amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

Alisha said...

I love to journal my pages, i don't really like my handwriting but if i don't do it write away then it doesn't get done. I would love some pre-printed quotes, they would come in really handy. thank you again for this chance to win.
alisha nielsen