Wednesday, September 14, 2011

POLL: How do you use stamps on your projects?


Stamps have been around for ages. I remember getting a rubber stamp with my name on it when I was 5 years old. I used it to put my mark on every book and item that I wanted to claim :) Now my boys are reading some of those stories still marked with my "This book belongs to LISA" stamp. From the moment I received that stamp, I have been a stamp lover. Over the years they have certainly made improvements in the stamp quality and variety of images. Now you can find stamps ranging from acrylic to high quality polymer and of course your classic rubber stamp.

We want to know:
  • *How do you use stamps on your projects? (do you create backgrounds with it? do you use stamps to create accents? etc.)
  • *Do you like rubber or clear stamps? Why?
  • *Haven't tried stamps yet, what do you think is stopping you?
All of these questions are in anticipation of an amazing Blog Hop happening this Fri-Sat with Quick Quotes & Peachy Keen stamps. It is one cross-promotion that you won't want to miss!!! (with prizes of course)

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SiskiyouSue said...

I love them! And have since I was a kid... I really like clear stamps so I can see exactly where I am placing them. I generally use them for the main image on my cards, but have used them for everything else also. It just depends on what I feel like at the time.

Suzanne said...

I am starting to use stamps a lot more again. Of course I use them for sentiments and like to color cute little kid ones. I have lots of rubber ones on blocks but buy more clear ones now. I am always looking for new ideas.

Kathy D said...

I own a lot of stamps, but use only about 10 of my favorite. I use them for cards and very seldom in my scrapbooking. I do use alphabet stamps frequently on my scrapbook pages. I love the acrylics because I can SEE where they are going. If you could show ideas on how to use my stamps on my albums pages I would appreciate it.

Helen said...

I LOVE stamps! I mostly use sentiment stamps on my cards and as accents on scrapbook pages. But I do have some PK face stamps which are just the cutest!!

And Clear stamps are my favorite--I love to see where it's going :)

Unknown said...

I love stamps. I layer stamped images, and use a variety of mediums for the actual stamping, from distress inks to acrylic paint and gelatos. I use them for backgrounds, accents, main images....I use them in color, black and negative stamping by pulling paint off where I stamp. I can't really give a preference on rubber verses clear, but I do find that the clear stamps are less durable and I've had a few of them tear...but then again, the rubber un mounted ones sometimes lose their "cling" ability...pros and cons for both.

Either way, I hardly make anything that doesn't include at least one stamp somewhere. I only have about 100, I would like to have LOTS more!

ShersL84bed said...

I love love love stamps. All of them, rubber on wood, clear, digi, you name it!
I heat emboss most of my stamps. I'm still learning new ways to use them. I like to stamp them, and cut them out and layer them too.

Smiles Sher

jengd said...

I use them for focal points and sentiments on my cards. When scrapping, I use them for embellishments, backgrounds, titles, etc. I have a LOT of SU stamps that are wood mounted - I'd love to get them down to using with acrylic. I like some clear stamps- the main thing is how clear is the stamped image. Clear would be my choice but the rubber images tend to be better.

Denise said...

Got my prize package today! Gosh your paper is so gorgeous! Thank you so much :)))) I use stamps constantly. I use them as the focus in my cards and as embellishments in my layouts. I like both clear and rubber stamps. It's all about the image on it that matters to me. Digis are also fabulous :)

Anniebee said...

I'm a huge fan of stamps and I own dozens. Mostly I use them to make design elements for my cards but there are some that would work wonderfully for scrapbook layouts, mini albums, tags and altered art as well. I like both rubber and photopolymer the best because they create the sharpest, most detailed images. When I am stamping in layers or using multiple stamps to create scenes or text, I prefer the photopolymer type because I can see exactly where my images need to be placed. I have also discovered the wonderful world of digi stamps, which aren't really stamps at all but I like them because I can make the images any size I want. I love coloring my images, whether they are stamped or digital, with Copic markers or Prismacolor pencils. I feel these hand colored images turn a card or other project into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Unknown said...

In the past five years, I have gone from "I hate using stamps" to "Wow! Have you seen what you can do with stamps these days?" The techniques are endless!

Amy E said...

I'm much more of a Cricut girl than a stamper. I just got my first set of PK stamps though, and I plan to start training myself to use them more!

amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

Zoey and the furballs said...

Not only I do have still have the stamp with my name that my mom got me when I was young, I still use it as the mark on the back of the cards I make.

I do used stamps occassionally on my layouts, but more for my cards. I have a few wood mount, but I found that I use the acrylic stamps more because I can get much better placing and they are much easier to store.