Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Q & A with teacher MICHELLE (Did you know....)

Here's your chance to get to know
the amazing... the wonderful...
(QQ teacher & Private Reserve teacher extraordinaire)

Q & A with QQ Teacher - Michelle

Before we get started, you should know that this was my idea and not hers. She is not into self-promotion, but I thought you would all enjoy the inside scoop ;) (*wink,wink ~Lisa) PS - my very first scrapbooking class was a Quick Quotes one taught by Michelle. I brought a snack and a drink with me to relax and enjoy myself, but boy did she keep me busy. I didn't even have a second to touch my food - lol. Now we're great friends and I am also teaching for QQ too! :)

Q: How long have you been with QQ?
A: I've been teaching with them for 6 years. I was in the right place at the right time and the rest is history. I love being able to travel the country and meet other people who love paper crafting as much as I do!

Q: Do you have a favorite teaching moment or funny story?

A:This is a hard question to answer because there are many favorites, and also many funny moments. I do remember teaching in Nashville one time at a CKC and I had back to back classes with little to no breaks in between and had to use the restroom (which was right outside of my room). So as I was teaching a class once, I gave instructions (which I typically repeat multiple times), repeated them and ran to the restroom and came back super quick like I had never been gone and repeated the instructions again. No one even knew, except one student who couldn't stop laughing the rest of the class period.


Q: What is your favorite QQ paper line & embellishment?

A: Another tough question to answer...I am a huge fan of the "Live Out Loud" paper line and embellishments. However, with this recent release of papers, The Savvy Davvy line might take the number one spot. Of course I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the "My Michelle" Line. The Powderpuff Chalk Inks are my favorite type of ink to use. The new Limeade is a great color, and happens to match all of my favorite paper lines!


Q: What current scrapbooking trend(s) excite you? Any new techniques you've been trying lately?

A: That is a hard question for me as I tend to be a simple scrapper but I love the nature elements that have become available in recent months. I really think that dimensional pages and pages with lots of elements on them are beautiful and I have been inspired by the members of the Quick Quotes design team to give it a go! I have been experimenting with Twinkling H2O's and Radiant Rain from Creative Imaginations. We use these items during our Private Reserve events and it has been fun adding glimmer to projects.


Q: Storage is an issue for many scrapbooker. How do you store your vellum? What about the famous QQ ink pads - how do you store those? Any other storage ideas to share?

A: Storage is an issue for me as well. I am currently in the market for a "ScrapRoom REDO" and I have been thinking about some of the ways I would like to store things. I currently have a pegboard along one wall and it is working well for many things. I store Vellum in an accordion type file folder (However, The Itty Bitty Quotes I just leave in the case they come in). I have two sets of the PowderPuff Ink Pads and one is kept in the box it came in so that I can bring it to crops with me and the second set is always out on my work area so that I can easily choose one to work with.


We hope you enjoyed this Q & A session with
one of our FABULOUS teachers!!!

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