Monday, June 11, 2018

It's in the Bag with Dorlene!

Hi there, it's Dorlene and I'm sharing how I made my own bag and card for gift giving. I love making my own cards, so why not make the bag to go with it or vice versa... a card to go with a bag. Either way you say it, it’s an awesome project.

This bag started with 2 sheets of Spring Showers SG105 paper.
  • One full 12x12 and the other cut down to 8x12.
  • Keep the 4x12 left over strip for later.
  • Score the 12x12 piece at 3” on three sides and 1” on one side.
  • Next, score the 8x12 piece at 1” on three sides and 3” on one side.
  • The 3” score should be on the 12” side.
  • Crease three sides and reverse one of 1” side
  • Note: For the 8x12 piece, the 1” is the one directly opposite the 3” score. (See photo.)

  • I recommend using a strong adhesive to assemble the bag.
  • On the bottom (3” tab) cut up at the score line to create tabs for the bag bottoms on both sheets.
  • Add adhesive to hold the tabs to the bottom portion.
  • Also put adhesive on the side tabs that will hold the bag together.
  • The smaller (8x12 piece) slides right into the 12x12 piece perfectly.
  • Once the bag is assembled and adhered together, I inked each edge with Key Largo PowderPuff Chalk Ink.
  • That's it for the bag.

Now to decorate, we’re going to create a slot to hang the card.
  • You’ll need a 5 1/2 x 2 1/4” piece of paper (I used a coordinating scrap piece from the Spring Showers collection.)
  • Cut out a slot across the 5 1/2” side.
  • I used a label punch for mine.
  • I inked all the edges with Capri Blue PowderPuff Chalk Ink before adhering the top of this piece to the bag.
  • Only adhere the top of this piece so the card can slip in.

  • Remember that 4x12 leftover strip?
  • Fold it in half, decorate, then mount it on a 5 1/2 x 4 1/4” piece of cardstock.
  • I used scraps from the Spring Showers collection, Island Orange and Capri Blue PowderPuff Chalk Inks, twine and a floral stamp from my collection to finish the card.
  • To color in the floral stamp, I used Key Largo, Island Orange and Capri Blue with an acrylic block and water brush.

Don't  you love how it all coordinates?

Viola! A gift bag and card in one! You won’t hear anyone say, the card’s missing in this bag! Can you imagine the possibilities with this!? So fun!

Quick Quotes Products:
Spring Showers Paper Pack
PowderPuff Chalk Inks: Key Largo, Capri Blue and Island Orange

Other Supplies:
Label Punch SU!
Archival Black Ink FSJ
Just for You Stamp FSJ

Thanks so much for stopping on over today to the blog for a visit!
~ Dorlene
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Louise said...

this is beautiful and such a great idea!