Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trendy Tuesdays - storing your chalking inks

chalking ink storage

Tip: QQ Owner Stacy

Today's helpful hint/tip comes from QQ Owner & Designer, Stacy Millet. Stacy is the mastermind behind all of the fabulous Club Q kit designs (and that is just one of her roles). With all of the designing she does for the company, she needs her QQ Chalking Inks at her finger tips. Check out how she stores her inks.

They nest perfectly inside each other, so they will not dry out by storing them this way. Then they are within reach at all times and takes up less space on her work area.

If you can't remember which lid goes with which pad, QQ has you covered. The name of the ink pad is on the back of the base of the pad & on the lid, so it's easy to re-match them up later.
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