Friday, October 21, 2011

Tissue paper flowers (tutorial)

Tissue paper flowers

Designer: Theresa Kelly

Hi everyone Theresa here and I wanted to share with you a fun, easy and economical way o make some Gorgeous flowers! These are made with tissue paper but you can use all kinds of cool materials. All you need is a die cutting machine of some sort. (You can also cut them out by hand but a die cutting machine just makes it go quicker)
Now I used a Spellbinders Grand Caliber and a set of Nestabilities Scalloped Circle Dies. And I used the tissue from an actual sewing pattern for my examples. But you can use tissue paper, crepe paper, regular cardstock, designer papers, fabric, tulle, lace, even burlap and denim, and I even have an example of using some packing foam, just use your imagination!
Now I made my “sandwich” of my bottom plate (Base plate-A). Dies, cutting rim facing UP. Tissue paper. Then top plate (Cutting Plate-C). (Follow the directions for your particular machine.)
Put through your machine to cut your scallops.
Now remove the scallops from the plates and dies and just crumble them up into a ball!
Separate your scallops into the same size piles...............

Make your stacks, I did larger on the bottom to smallest on the top and punch a hole in the center. I used a Crop-A-Dile but you can just use anything to punch a hole if your using a brad. You could also just glue them together if you like.

Get your brad and insert into the hole you made or just use your glue.
Once your brad is secured “scrunch” up your flower for some more fluff!
Now you can “scrunch as much or as little as you like, it just depends on how fluffy you like your flowers. And you can use anything in the center of your flowers. I used brads but you can use Buttons, vintage buttons, gemstones, bling, stamens, fuzzy pom poms, the sky’s the limit to what your imagination can come up with.
Now here are a few more of some I was making. The ones on the left are the packing foam ones I was telling you about earlier. Now I bet you don’t throw away any tissue paper that you get from gifts you receive now, LOL! You could use all kinds of things for your flowers. What would you use when you decide to try these out, I’d sure love to now so please leave a comment with your fun ideas! Thanks for stopping by and please share your projects with us on the Idea Gallery Button above.

Close Up Pic
Finished Layout

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Jodi said...

gorgeous flowers and fabulous tutorial!!! I really need to try some of these!! TFS!!

My Paper Crafting said...

What a terrific tutorial Theresa! Thank you for reminding me that these fabulous dies and machine go way beyond regular cardstock! Wonderful inspiration!